About Us

Mission Statement

student working on letter at Ressurection Ascension Catholic AcademyResurrection Ascension Catholic Academy provides students with a well-rounded, excellent academic education rooted in the gospel message of Jesus. We offer a rich and varied curriculum in a caring environment which respects the dignity and uniqueness of each child. Our diverse population allows our students to develop an appreciation of other cultures while celebrating what unites us – our faith in God. Through service to each other and to the world outside our doors, the students develop a sense of responsibility that prepares them to be future leaders in our community and in our Church.


It is our purpose to be aware of the spiritual, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional and social needs of our students. It is our hope that our students will become life-long learners and future leaders in our Church and in our society.

Our focus is always on the growth and development of the whole child. Through the use of various teaching strategies, our children are challenged to increase their knowledge, to develop their imagination and to think critically. By encouraging a positive self-image, the academy helps develop confidence so that each student can succeed in both academic and personal areas. Many Christian service projects, both within the academy and outside its walls, encourage our students to think of others. The spiritual life of our students is enhanced by participation in liturgies and para-liturgical celebrations. Students are encouraged to emulate the lives of the saints. Students pray together daily.

The faculty and staff of Resurrection Ascension Catholic Academy are educated professionals who are dedicated to providing students with a quality Christian education. The students know that when they walk through our doors, they are in a place where they are safe and they are loved. The relationship between student and teacher is one of mutual respect. The teacher is a role model for students, exemplifying the Christian way of life. Teachers often collaborate to provide the students with new and interesting ways to learn. Together with parents, who are the primary educators of the children, teachers strive to do what is best for each child.

Resurrection Ascension follows state and diocesan guidelines with regard to curriculum. Curriculum development is an unending process. To this end, our faculty attends many graduate classes and professional development workshops to enhance their skills and inspire new ideas. The principal, in conjunction with the faculty, annually evaluates the academic program. Through self-study, new goals are formed and action plans are developed to provide for any educational needs. Students and teachers are both evaluated by a variety of methods, both formal and informal.

Resurrection Ascension is a faith community comprised of students, teachers, staff, parents and priests. Together we bring the word of God to life, and echo the gospel of Matthew: “Let the children come to me, for the kingdom of God belongs to them.”