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photo of decorated door to the art classroom

Welcome to Mrs. Balan’s Art Class!

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If you would like to donate a roll of paper towels and/or a package of baby wipes for the art room, that would be appreciated.  As we have no sink in the room, these items help tremendously with a quick and easy clean up on the days that we create some messy masterpieces.

My Art Education Philosophy
As an art educator, I encourage my students to think critically and abstractly, take chances and risks, experiment with new and different ideas, techniques and media, work together and ultimately have fun through the art-making process. I believe that creating a supporting and enriching learning environment will help my students to develop their creative process and strong character skills, which will not only help them in my art class but also in their other classes and life as well.

Art Curriculum

PreK: For the littlle ones, art class is more about the process not the product. We will explore different materials and techniques. We’ll also read some books to help inspire some of our art projects. The goal is to have fun and be introduced to the wonderful world of art!

Kindergarten & 1st Grade: While also exploring the art making process through different materials and techniques, we will also start to introduce art vocabulary terms and look at some famous works of art.

2nd Grade: Students in 2nd grade will be spending the majority of the school year working on a unit that explores the elements and principles of art & design (such as line, shape, form, color, value, texture, pattern and space). After each topic is introduced, we’ll look at an artist, art movement or style, and/or medium that best demonstrates that element/principle.

3rd, 4th & 5th Grades: These grades will be looking at how artists have used the elements and principles of art & design to create masterpieces of their own! We will also learn how to talk about works of art, have class critiques and work on writing artist statements for our work.

6th Grade: Students in 6th grade will be working on a unit all about signs and symbols in art. Some of the artists and cultures that we will learn about include Native Americans’ pictographs, Chinese landscape artists, Egyptian hieroglyphics, African textiles, Keith Haring, and wrapping it all up with a look at emojis that we use today.

7th Grade: We will working on an art history unit, looking at some artists and works of art from different points in time. We will use the techniques and ideas learned in our studies to create our own masterpieces.

8th Grade: Students in 8th grade will work on refining their artistic skills. We will explore the elements and principles of art & design in depth and using observational drawing through still life and portraits. We’ll also have class discussions about works of art, class critiques and work on writing artist statements for our work.

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