A Different Kind of Christmas Concert

Our Kindergarten through Grade 8 performed a different kind of Christmas concert this year. Presenting the first ever Virtual Christmas Spectacular.

Thanks to our Music teacher Miss Heal, who is also the producer, director and cinematographer! Enjoy!

Christmas Concert 2020

Catholic Schools Week

Monday is kids day. In the afternoon there will be bingo.

Tuesday will be Open House.

Wednesday will be Parents Day. Parents can come in and watch their children in class.

Thursday is Buddy Day. 7b will work with 2b and do a project.

Friday is a half a day, and also Teacher Swap Day. It is also Teacher Appreciation Day.


Science Challenges

In Science, we participated in a STEM Challenge. For this challenge, we had to create a bird beak out of clay. We had to get creative because our bird had to survive in four different habitats. During the challenge, we brainstormed different ways that we could create our beaks. As a class we researched different bird beaks and then determined the type of beak we wanted. We were very excited while doing this challenge. 

Back To School!

Dear Families,

We are looking forward to seeing all of you next week.  Attached to the bottom of this letter are the links to the back to school letter for all grades.  Supply lists and summer assignments are listed under the class your child will be attending in September.  

See you soon!!

Back to School Letter 1-8

Kindergarten Welcome Letter

Pre-K Welcome Letter

Nursery AM Welcome Letter