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A Message From The Computer Room!





Kindergarten and Grade 1

Students will be introduced to the different parts of the computer. They will continue working on improving their mouse and keyboarding skills throughout the year. They will also be introduced to Microsoft Word and how to manipulate throughout the program.  Kindergarten will be introduced to Microsoft Word and will work on their typing skills.  Grade 1 will continue to work with Microsoft Word for different typing assignments.

Grades 2-5

Students will be introduced to several computer programs throughout the year. They will continue their knowledge and keyboarding skills with Microsoft Word and will be introduced to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Publisher.  Grade 2 will be introduced to Microsoft Publisher and Grade 3 will be introduced to Microsoft Excel. Grades 3-5 will be introduced to and work on a research project at the end of the year which will improve their skills with Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. They will be introduced to note-taking strategies to help with their research. Grades 3-5 will also be required to complete a Homework Log each month. It will be collected on the last computer class of the month and is a part of their Computer grade. The goal of this homework assignment is to help improve their mouse and typing skills.

Grades 6-8

As Middle School students, the work and expectations becomes more challenging. Students in Grades 6-8 are required to complete several research projects throughout the school year. They will take their knowledge of Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Publisher and complete these research projects. Students will also be introduced to citing information in MLA Format for their Bibliography pages. It is important to use their note-taking skills and strategies to help complete these assignments.

Technology Homework Log and Writing Suggestions for Grade 3-5

Technology Practice Log

Technology Practice Writing Suggestions

Ms. Scala’s Symbaloo Pages
Symbaloo Page 1
Symbaloo Page 2
Symbaloo Page 3

5th Grade Technology Wordle



A Message From The Reading and Math Center!

Dear Parents,

In case you are unfamiliar with whom I am, my name is Ms. Scala and I am the teacher for the Reading and Math Center Program at school. I provide extra assistance in areas such as Reading Comprehension, Oral Reading, Vocabulary, Writing and Math skills for students who are recommended by their homeroom teachers.

Our goal is to help the students develop skills and confidence they need to succeed in their regular classroom setting. Our experience has been that the children who attend the Reading and Math Center classes thrive because of the more individualized attention they are receiving with small group instruction.

The children are pulled out of their regular classroom setting twice a week, once a week for Math and once a week for Reading. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to speak with you about our program. I can be reached at school Monday through Friday at 718-426-4963.

Thank you.

Ms. Scala – Questions – Assignment Submissions (for Grades 6-8)

(I will check my emails during school hours: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.)

Please use my email for any questions and not optionc.

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