Grade 1


No Spelling words this week

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Math: Workbook pages 165-166

Reading: Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook page 78

Science: Five Senses Worksheet 

Social Studies: Read the letter for our timeline project 


Thursday, October 17, 2019 


Math: Workbook pages 171-172

  • Complete the worksheet 

Reading: Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook page 82 

Religion: Religion Test on Wednesday, October 23rd on Chapter 2 

  • Multiple choice questions 

Science: Science test on Friday, October 25th 

  • The test will be on the five senses
    • Multiple choice
    • Fill in the sentences with a word bank provided
    • Identifying the sense that should be used 
    • Identifying the body parts that are used for each sense 


REMINDER: Please send in the yellow communication envelope as soon as you can. The office needs the communicate envelopes back every week in order to be able to send you important notices every Wednesday.