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Posted on January 12, 2018

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Visit my  Portaportal bookmarking site to explore links to various sites on social studies topics we have learned.  lisajamieson is the password.

What’s New In SS5?

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November 2019 Class Trip – Every year the fifth graders take a trip to out to Glen Cove on Long Island to visit Garvies Point Museum and Preserve. This year we had nice weather and the children had lots of fun!  Students participated in a presentation titled, Tools and Artifacts, which complimented their unit in Social Studies about Early American Cultures. The students were engaged and participated by making connections to content they had learned in school about early migration theories and ancient tools and weapons. They also had the opportunity for “hands-on time”  with different implements and practices used by Early Americans on Long Island. As usual, Garvies Point never disappoints and children had a great day.


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