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Welcome to Kindergarten B -Miss Rosato- Some class information

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Our special schedule is:

Monday: STEM Lab 

Tuesday: Library and Art-  Don’t forget your library book 🙂 

Wednesday: Gym please wear the gym uniform and safe sneakers

Thursday: Computers

Friday: Music

Important dates:

2/12- 100th day of school!

2/14- Valentine’s day

2/18- 2/25- Winter Recess


Math- Chapter 8- More addition and subtraction

ELA- We are finishing up the Superkid named Frits and meeting Ettabetta.

Religion- Chapter 18- Jesus Teaches and Helps Us

Science- Using math during science- finding out what tools can hold more of an item than another

Take a look at our past center time fun and Kindergarten -B working hard throughout the day:

Had a wonderful 100th day of school with really awesome and creative projects!

Wonderful 100 day of school projects being shared with the class!




working together to make our 100 day of school banner ! We put 100 fingers of ours on it!
Catholic Schools Week bingo with our 8th grade friends helping !  
  Center time!
Making our subtraction monster
” A Pair Of Socks” By Stuart J. Murphy
a scavenger hunt for the matching sock- and a writing / drawing activity with 5B
Catholic Schools Week
Buddy Day with the amazing and fun 5th grade class!
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