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Welcome to Kindergarten B -Miss Rosato- Some class information

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Our special schedule is:

Monday: STEM Lab 

Tuesday: Library and Art-  Don’t forget your library book 🙂 

Wednesday: Gym please wear the gym uniform and safe sneakers

Thursday: Computers

Friday: Music

Important dates this month:

December will be a fun and busy month! 

Wednesday 12/5- KB goes to the Christmas boutique

Friday 12/7- half day- ( no afterschool) Parent teacher conference- please return the slip choosing which time you are coming!

Tuesday 12/18- Christmas concert grades K- 4 


Math- Chapter 5- Counting number and objects and putting them in the right category 

ELA- We just met the new superkid Sal. He loves every game and every sport!  We are working on the /s/ the sound heard in the beginning of the name Sal.

Religion- Unit 2- Our families help us discover God. We also will begin talking about Advent,

Science- 5 senses and using them during our STEM lab investigations also we are working on observations and data. We ar creating many tables  and charts!

Take a look at our past center time fun and Kindergarten -B working hard throughout the day:

Kindergarten B is working hard to learn how to use our scissors properly.
Using our senses to explore all different types of materials like shaving cream
Using that shaving cream to practice writing the letter S

 Kindergarten B worked in groups to make a plan to help Doc make Cass’ cat coconut a bed!

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