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  • Easter Vacation for All beginning at dismissal on Wed., April 17th  
  • Mon., April 29th – School resumes for All
  • Mon., May 27th – Memorial Day – No School for All 
  • Monday, June 17th – Step-up Ceremony for PreK



Essential Question: How do plants grow and why are they important?

Focus Questions:

  • What are plants?
  • What do plants need and where do we find them?
  • What are some different kinds of plants?
  • Why are plants important?

*The children are very excited – this week (the week of April 8th), some of our seeds (marigolds) have sprouted!!!  With enthusiasm, we continue to plant various seeds – herbs, flowers, etc.  



Essential Question: What does water do?

Focus Questions:

  • Where can we find water?
  • What happens to water when it changes temperature?
  • What happens when we put things in water?
  • How does water help us?


*On Feb. 11th, The Shadow Box Theatre presented “Little is Big” to the Pre-K and Nursery classes.



On December 19th, PreK had a visit from some of Alley Pond Environmental Center’s residents:


Houdini (corn snake)                  Patrick (ring-necked dove)      OXO (Guinea pig)                    Jack (box turtle)



Our Weekly Schedule:
– Monday – SONG DAY  – Special Music Class with Ms.Heal

– Tuesday – ARTISTIC DAY – Special Art Class with Mrs. B    

– Wednesday – BOOK DAY – Visit with our school Librarian. Plus, in our classroom, it’s time for READ & TELL – This is when an assigned child (see the list below) brings in a book to share with the class.  

– Thursday – SNEAKER DAY   – Special Gym Class with Mr. Barron (The children need to wear sneakers to participate. Also note, the children engage in movement activities daily, so the safest footwear every day is sneakers.)

– Friday – SCIENTIST DAY  – This is the day an assigned child (see the list below) usually brings in a new item for the Science Box in Science Center.  *This is also the day we have FAMILY READ & TELL.  Thank you to those parents and grandparent who signed up to read to us!  If you are interested, please let us know.



2018-19 Friday
Aria 2-Nov
Aryah 9-Nov
Christian 16-Nov
Ellison 30-Nov
Emily 14-Dec
Emma 21-Dec
Evan 11-Jan
Giulietta 18-Jan
Isaac 25-Jan
Leonardo 8-Feb
Lucas 15-Feb
Mateo 1-Mar
Noah 15-Mar
Qianyang “Aidden”
Scarlett 29-Mar
Sebastian 5-Apr
Sophie 12-Apr
Zachary 3-May



2018-2019 Wednesdays
Leonardo 7-Nov
Lucas 14-Nov
Mateo 28-Nov
Noah 5-Dec
Qianyang “Aidden”
Scarlett 19-Dec
Sebastian 9-Jan
Sophie 23-Jan
Zachary 30-Jan
Aria 6-Feb
Aryah 13-Feb
Christian 27-Feb
Ellison 6-Mar
Emma 27-Mar
Evan 3-Apr
Giulietta 10-Apr
Isaac 17-Apr


Teacher’s Contact Information:
You may reach Mrs. Delaney by:
(1) Sending a note in your child’s folder
(2) Calling the main office: (718) 426-4963
(3) Emailing her at (checked at the beginning and the end of the school day).


Helpful Hints:

  • Please label everything that your child brings to school.
  • We strongly suggest your child wear sneakers daily as we will be having active play daily.
  • We are happy to celebrate birthdays in class – there are 18 children in our class. Please notify the teacher a week in advance and, on the day of, you may send in party napkins and a small nut-free dessert treat for each child. Invitations and goody bags will only be distributed if every child in our class is included.


Interesting Links:

NYS Prekindergarten Foundations for the Common Core:


To order from Scholastic Book Clubs, you may :

(1) Return the flyer’s order form to your teacher by the due date

(2) Go online to  Our class code is GWPND.  The online orders are processed at the same time as the “paper” orders.

Thank you for ordering books and supporting our classroom library.

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