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Unit of study- Unit 7- Water

Here are some activities you may choose to do with your child while we are not in school. 


Focus questions to discuss with your child:

1. Where can we find water?

2. What happens to water when it changes temperature?

3. What happens when we put things in water?

4. How does water help us?



Sink or Float Experiment

Please choose a few objects such as paper clips, rocks, pencils, small toys, etc to experiment with. Have your child predict whether they think the object will sink or float. Test out their predictions and discuss the results with them. 



Many of these books can be found on YouTube and they read the story to your child.

Does It Sink or Float? by Susan Hughes

Things That Float and Things That Don’t by David A. Adler 

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

The Snowflake: A Water Cycle Story by Neil Waldman

A Cool Drink of Water by Barbara Kerley


Below are some websites and resources :

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