We have many programs and activities that enhance the student life at Resurrection Ascension School.


Midori Violin

Our third grade students participate in the Midori and Friends Violin Program. Students are taught the violin by an experienced Midori & Friends teaching artist during a 16-week course, culminating in a performance for family and friends.

Dancing Classrooms

students dancing in Dancing Classrooms programThe mission of this program is to build social awareness, confidence and self-esteem in children through the practice of social dance. Students in grades 4 and 5 participate in a twenty lesson program led by a Dancing Classrooms teaching artist.

The children are taught a syllabus of traditional ballroom dances in a learning environment which fosters respect, teamwork, confidence and politeness. The final performance is one of the highlights of the school year.


Chromebooks, SMARTBoards, iPads

students working on Chromebooks

Grades 6 through 8 participate in a 1:1 Chromebook program. Each student is given a Chromebook with a case that is used in the classroom and at home. Students are able to collaborate on projects, receive instant feedback from teachers, and access digital content related to the topics being taught in the classroom. Our school utilizes Google Apps for Education.

In addition, every classroom from Pre-K through Grade 8 has a SMARTBoard for interactive use by both the teacher and the students. Classrooms from Nursery through Grade 5 have 5-6 iPads each; Kindergarten through Grade 8 attend a weekly Computer class; our library has a 30-computer laptop cart; and our teachers and students follow the ISTE standards for learning and teaching with technology.


RA Tech Titans – Resurrection Ascension School Robotics team includes the participation of BOTH the 7th and 8th Grade students. Our Robotics Team is made up 15 students. Team meetings are every Tuesday after school.

Robotics is a competitive club focused around building a (hands-off) computer operated robot made out of Legos ®. Sponsored by First Lego League (FLL), Robotics team members will compete in several events where their robots will have to complete various missions. Each year the theme of the challenge changes. This year’s theme is Body Forward. In addition to completing the missions with the Robot, the students have to do a research project and presentation addressing real-life problems derived from the theme.

Student Leadership

Student Council

student council group photo

Student government is a vital part of any school as it sets an example of the democratic process. R.A.’s Student Council is a body of students from grades 4 – 8 which consist of class representatives, a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. These offices are campaigned for and voted upon at student body election held in June.

The students serving on the student council play an important role at R.A. They relay suggestions from their classmates to the council, write up proposals for possible activities,organize and follow through on the ideas. It is a rewarding experience for them to see their ideas blossom into reality through collaboration and hard work.

Safety Patrol

The AAA Safety Patrol Program at Resurrection Ascension School gives our Junior High students the opportunity to serve as role models to the younger children. This program is coordinated by Mrs. Mezic and Mrs. Perrier. They designate students to take on the roles of Captain, Lieutenant and Sergeant. Their job is to ensure that all members of the program are fulfilling their duties as outlined. Being a member of the AAA Safety Patrol Program allows our students to develop alertness, dependability, leadership qualities and a sense of obligation.

Faith Formation

Altar Servers

Our Altar Servers are boys and girls in grades 4 through 8 who assist with the celebration of the liturgy in Resurrection Ascension Church. Trained by Father Amato, these students serve at daily Mass, Sunday Mass, funerals and weddings.

Children’s Choir

Students in grades 3 through 8 participate in our RA Children’s Choir led by our Music Director, Emanuel Bologna. Their beautiful singing adds to the celebration of the monthly Family Mass and seasonal school prayer services.


Our CYO basketball teams begin with our 2nd graders and include even high school students. Practices are held during the week, and games are played on the weekends.

Our track team is comprised of students from our school and the neighboring St. Margaret’s. The team runs indoors in the winter and outside in the fall and spring.

Our swimming program is held at LaGuardia Community College Swimming Pool and is open to students 5 years old and up. Several sessions are held throughout the school year. It is an opportunity for students to learn how to swim or to hone their skills.